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2013. április 2. Írta: Rádó Zsófia 2 hozzászólás
Kategóriák: Ajánló Egyéb
Újabb videót osztok meg, bár ez sajnos csak angolul elérhető, de nagyon érdekes. A TED konferencián hangzott el Robert Krzisnik előadásában, és egyben ez az első a TED-en az erőszakmentes kommunikációról!
Akinek van rá 19 perce, annak nagyon ajánlom. Lapozás után a videó megnézhető.


  1. Hugo Oscar

    TED x TriangleNC – Catherine Cadden – Direct Action in Love


    Catherine Cadden has been an educator since 1987 finding alternatives to teaching, learning, and conflict resolution that work with the principles of nonviolence. She is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication bringing over 14 years of experience practicing, living and teaching Nonviolent Communication (NVC) internationally to participants of all ages. In 1997, she founded the TEMBA School, a visionary K – 8 academic program rooted in nonviolent philosophy, NVC, sustainable living, and artistic expression. She is the co-founder of Play in the Wild! Wilderness Initiations into Nonviolence for Youth & Families. Catherine also served with her German shepherd dog, Marley, on WOOF Wilderness Finders working Search and Rescue missions in California and Wyoming. Through her years in Search and Rescue she gained knowledge about wilderness survival and became a wilderness first aid responder. Her work with her indigenous roots, elders, and teachers taught her to live interdependently with the earth and wants to share that with all who are willing to learn. Her passion is to advance a consciousness of interdependence among all peoples, for generations to come, through cultivating the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual maturity of the 7th generation. Her work has reached 6 continents and thousands of people supporting and inspiring the practice in being nonviolence. Catherine is also the author of Peaceable Revolution Through Education.

  2. Orsolya

    van más EMK-s ea. is a TED-en, csak nem a fősodorban, ezért nehéz őket fordítani (mert lassan írják le őket)
    Angolul meg lehet nézni Arnina Kashtan-t, és Raj Gill-t is.

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